Trumpet/Flugelhorn, Educator, Composition & Arranging, Conducting, Brass/Horns Contractor for live performance & recording sessions




This band consists of 5 (count em FIVE!) trumpets and rhythm section playing music made famous by the most outstanding jazz trumpet players of our time.

Deforestation Project

A modern big band that sets to push the limits of what the ensemble can do.  It's not unusual to hear the band play a straight ahead swing chart followed by a classically influenced piece which transitions into hip-hop tune consisting of rapping.  

Bob Florence: A Study of His Life and Music

My doctoral thesis on Bob Florence's life and compositional techniques.  Email for a free copy.

  • Biography
  • Writing Devices
  • Instrumentation
  • Hemiola
  • Sequence and Repetition
  • Inner Harmonic Movement
  • Melodic Treatment
  • Trash Can
  • Blues Usage
  • Brass Mutes
  • Saxophone Doubles
  • Use of Unisons
  • Soloist Interaction
  • The "Bob Florence Lick"
  • Piano Solos
  • Playability of Parts
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography

Bob Flo

Bob Flo