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Walt's Shed

Vegas with No Vacancy

Having a great time with Dave Damiani and the crew of the No Vacancy Jazz Orchestra here in Vegas playing a corporate event for Herbalife.

PRACITCE LOG (in hotel with a mute)

1. Long Tones breath attack G-C

2. Plog tonguing (CEGC) 

3. Boyde/Stamp 1

4. B/S pedals

5. B/S 2

6. Introduction to the Reinhart system by Erm Navarro  


• practice mutes suck

•hotels are no fun when the TV remote doesn't work

•there's a decent view from the 6th floor of the sun coast hotel  


•the Reinhart system is interesting to me and I'm going to spend more time researching it! 


•any gig is fun with the right habg

 •girls named Nikki can be stressed

•the drive is easy from LA in a nice car


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