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I'll start right off by saying that I am motivated to rock this blog because of my close friend James Blackwell.  The two of us have known each other since I was at North Texas and his thoughts on life and trumpet have always been motivational for me.  For a year and a half he lived in the house behind me and we had a lot of time to venture up to "The Canada" and force the other patrons of Sbux to listen to us yap and yap about trumpet playing and other matters of life.  So if some of my posts sound like his or some ideas look the same it's because they probably are!

Furthermore, since everything at the beginning of the year is about resolutions I resolved to take better care to become more aware of what I work on in all aspects of my music.  From trumpet to composition to sharing the trials and tribulations of hustling and trying to get my music out there I want to put it somewhere, and there is no better place than where someone else can see it.  This is what keeps human beings accountable and engaged!  That's the name of the game people!

What to Expect

Don't expect a lot of the same thing or a true commitment to post every single day.  I won't be following a general template but I will write from the heart and the head.  My goals of this blog are as follows:

  1. Post my practice log here
  2. Post other things I have worked on
  3. My thoughts about the art of music
  4. My thoughts about the business of music
  5. Post about my Crossfit and other related activities
  6. Golf

Who I Am

I am a musician living in a world of humans.  I am a creator of art for myself and others.  I am a business salesman selling the product of myself.  I am a husband, friend, leader, amateur philosopher, bad golfer, kool-aid drinking Crossfitter, awful pianist, optimist, educator, American, devout LA Lakers FanUNT Eagle, and a USC Trojan.

My Hope

My hope with this is to inspire others as well as myself.  Even if no one ever reads all of this it motivates me to know that it is here and and it keeps pushing me squarely in the back to move forward with my life and goals.  Goals are only good when you have the motivation to achieve them otherwise they are BS that you fling into your subconscious that let's it know it never needs to follow through.


Read it or don't read, agree or don't agree, like or don't like, it's all good!  I think I've aged past the point of where I need constant validation but that doesn't mean I don't like it!  Please add comments and start conversation, without it nothing ever gets done!


My dog Duple wearing a bandana. 

My dog Duple wearing a bandana. 

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